Jan-Michael Rogalla, a pianist and composer with empathy and musical devotion. Jan-Michael taught himself how to play the piano with enthusiasm and since then has dedicated every free minute to his own compositions. These are produced in his own studio near to Hamburg. His compositions focus on an atmospheric mixture of melodic piano music, classical and modern elements, as well as film music and orchestral sounds. Born in 1983 in Geesthacht, he sees this as his great passion and this can be felt in every one of his pieces. In 2016 Jan-Michael additionally founded his own fantasy instrumental rock band „The Untold Fortress“ in which he was able to collaborate with many interesting international guest musicians as keyboarder and electric guitarist. In other bands he is also active as a bassist.

This interesting musical combination and experience from different genres make JMR the solo artist he is today. A musician with passion, devotion and empathy for the different musical and human situations in life. Driven by experiences, events from real situations and his imagination about fabulous and fantastic worlds, Jan-Michael Rogalla composes symphonic rock and piano music. Especially at live concerts Jan-Michael presents his own compositions, accompanied by film and video material if desired. Additional light arrangements give the concerts a unique and memorable atmosphere.

His debut album from 2015 „Lifetree of Ice“ represents his musical orientation and combines modern piano music with film music. The epic and melodic music transports the listener into fantastic worlds. All additional orchestral instruments were recorded by Jan-Michael Rogalla himself. The sequel „Autumn Twilight“ from 2019 complements this experience with impressive musical colours. Inspired by film and video game music, Jan-Michael Rogalla also composes soundtracks. Among other things he produced the soundtrack to I AGAINST ME – Die Triathlon Dokumentation and to the novella series AURORA. Most recently he worked on the soundtrack for an Iceland documentary film and a song for the children’s book TAMARIL.

Let yourself be enchanted and accompany Jan-Michael on one of his next concerts into fabulous regions, unique moods and into the world of human feelings.

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