active Soloartist (Pianomusic & Soundtracks) as: composer, pianist, keyboarder, producer since 2009

2020 – Blauer Stuhl (shortfilm) as: performer, composer

2019Autumn Twilight – Symphonic Epic Piano Music (symphonic pianomusic album)

2018Tamaril – Song from the Book (soundtrack Single)

2018Awakening Unicorn Power (rock single)

2018Lifetree of Ice – Rock Edition (ep / mini-album)

2017 Island – Eine traumhafte Reise (soundtrack ep)

2017 Island – Eine traumhafte Reise (documentary film) as: performer, composer, audioeditor

2016Aurora (soundtrack single), trailermusic for the bookseries (novelle)

2015Lifetree of Ice – Symphonic Epic Piano Music (symphonic pianomusic album)

2013I Against Me – The Running Optimized Remix (remix album beside the soundtrack)

2011 I Against Me – The Original Score Album (soundtrack album)

2010I Against Me – Die Triathlon Dokumentation (movie on DVD and BluRay) as: performer, composer

more media appearences:

active – Kassing 1996 (horror-thriller roman) as: author since 1998

active The Untold Fortress (symphonic post-rock band) as: composer, guitarist, keyboarder since 2016

inactive – moderator at Games Dialog (german podcast for videogames) since 2017

2019 Planet Pluto (german pop / rock band) as: bass-guitarist from 2014 to 2019

2016 – Radiomoderator at RADIO WAHNSINN (topic: Film- and videogames-music part 2) in june 2016

2016 – Radiomoderator at CRAZY RAINBOW RADIO (topic: Film- and videogames-music part 2) in february 2016

2013Desmond M – Mirage In The Water (pianomusic-album) as: producer

1999 – Actor at GROßSTADTREVIER (Staffel 13, Folge 134 „Auf Abwegen“, Role: Fazil)

1999 – Actor at DR. SOMMERFELD: NEUES VOM BÜLOWBOGEN (Staffel 2, Folge 10 „Bunte Elefanten“, Role: Ole)

1999 – Actor at DIE STRANDCLIQUE (Staffel 1, Folge 3 „Der Traum von Freiheit“, Role: David)

1999 – Sideactor at GROßSTADTREVIER (Staffel 13, Folge 125 „Aller Anfang ist schwer“)