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Autumn Twilight

The latest released full length album of symphonic epic piano music by Jan-Michael Rogalla.


  1. Daylight
  2. Resin of the Forest
  3. The Fox and the Squirrel
  4. She Came with Cinnamon Stars
  5. Dusk
  6. Tumbling Leaves
  7. Snowgold
  8. Old Shell
  9. That Amber of Endless Twilights Reborn
  10. Dawn

(total running time 53:20)

2019 – Autumn Twilight

The second soloalbum called „Autumn Twilight“. The title coverartwork was created by Martin Hein Design ( The album contains three singles:

„She Came with Cinnamon Stars“

Artwork by Martin Hein Design

„The Fox and the Squirrel“

Artwork by Raide


Artwork by Daniel Lieske

Published by Smart & Nett Entertainment (