• In the Quest for the Nymph
    All,  Rock

    In the Quest for the Nymph

    „In the Quest for the Nymph“ by THE UNTOLD FORTRESS SingleEP with a total running time over 22 Minutes WILL BE RELEASE at the APRIL 26th in 2022 in all digital stores like…

  • All,  Rock

    The Eagle That Did Not Want to Fly

    Bandprojekt: The Untold Fortress Single / EP: The Eagle That Did Not Want to Fly Description: Fantasy Instrumental Rock in an over 22 minutes length Postrock track. The second epic and fantastic song…

  • All,  Piano

    Autumn Twilight

    The latest released full length album of symphonic epic piano music by Jan-Michael Rogalla. Tracklist: Daylight Resin of the Forest The Fox and the Squirrel She Came with Cinnamon Stars Dusk Tumbling Leaves…

  • All,  Soundtrack

    TAMARIL – Song from the Book

    Trackliste: Tamaril – Song from the Book (total running time 03:25) 2018 – TAMARIL – Song of the Book Middleage kids-book TAMARIL. Published by Smart & Nett Entertainment (

  • All,  Rock

    Awakening Unicorn Power – Rock Single

     Trackliste: Awakening Unicorn Power feat. Benedikt Fleischer (ACCESS ICARUS) Awakening Unicorn Power (Instrumental Version) 2018 – Awakening Unicorn Power Symphonischer Rock mit Gastmusiker Benedikt Fleischer (Sänger von ACCESS ICARUS): Cover Artwork by…

  • All,  Rock

    Lifetree of Ice – Rock Edition

    Trackliste: The Dark Frozen Tears of Lifetree (Rock Version) feat. Manjula Requiem (Rock Version) feat. Darius Wegschin Rise (Rock Version) feat. Rainer Struck Little Boy’s Snowflake (Rock Version) feat. Reimund Jahn (Laufzeit 37:18)…

  • All,  Rock

    Chains of the Unicorns

    Bandprojekt: The Untold Fortress Single / EP: Chains of the Unicorns Description: Over 20 minutes total running time of this symphonic post-rock song from germany. Listen to the first epic and fantastic single…

  • All,  Soundtrack

    ISLAND – Soundtrack

    Trackliste: Island Flug in die Berge Von den Wasserfällen Der Geysir (total running time 18:10) 2017 – ISLAND – Soundtrack „ISLAND – Eine traumhafte Reise“, die Soundtrack EP von Jan-Michael Rogalla basiert auf…

  • All,  Soundtrack

    AURORA – Soundtrack

    Trackliste: Children of the Dragoncave – Kinder der Drachenhöhle Children of the Dragoncave – Kinder der Drachenhöhle (Light Version) (total running time 07:48) 2016 – Aurora – Soundtrack Die Soundtrack Single „Children of…

  • All,  Piano

    Lifetree of Ice

    Trackliste: Arise Little Boy’s Snowflake The Last Flying Eagle Moonlake Village Rise Requiem Cloudy Journey Farewell The Dark Frozen Tears of Lifetree Reprise (Laufzeit 50:02) 2015 – Lifetree Of Ice Jan-Michael Rogalla arbeitete…

  • All,  Soundtrack

    I Against Me – Remix

    Trackliste: I against Me Pt.3 – Third Thrill Through The Dark Water (Remix Version) Consciousness (Remix Version) The End Of Suffering (Remix Version) Smooth Flames (Remix Version) Day Of The Sun (Remix Version)…

  • All,  Soundtrack

    I Against Me – Soundtrack

    Trackliste: I against Me Pt.1 – First Fear The Run for Freedom The Wind of Grief Smooth Flames I against Me Pt.2 – Second Soul The Challenger Day of The Sun Suffering Symphony…