In the Quest for the Nymph
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In the Quest for the Nymph

„In the Quest for the Nymph“ by THE UNTOLD FORTRESS
SingleEP with a total running time over 22 Minutes
WILL BE RELEASE at the APRIL 26th in 2022
in all digital stores like Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, Amazon and many more.

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Fantasy-Instrumental-Rock from germany, mastered in natural and healing 432 Hertz (Verdis‘ A tuning). Listen to the third epic and fantastic single track. 432 Hz frequency is a pure tone of math fundamental to nature. Enjoy, relax and feel the positive energies!

Featuring MARIANA SIMUNOVICH (author & writer from Argentina) as narrator speaker in this epic song.


Nymph’s spoken words:

Feel the power of the sea.
Rays of sunlight crawling into the raging waves.
There’s a message though you cannot see it.
There are words though you cannot hear them.
White foam carrying voices from times past.
Dive in.
Breathe in.
Deep within.
There’s freedom beyond.
And once you reach your inner peace,
get lost in it.


released April 26, 2022
Jan-Michael Rogalla ~ all Guitars and Keyboards
Darius Wegschin ~ Cymbals
Mariana Simunovich ~ Narrator’s Voice and Author writer of the lyricsComposed, recorded & mastered 2021 – 2022 by Jan-Michael Rogalla in Germany.